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The two institutions signed MoU that target transforming local tourism through various initiatives that highly

incorporate the community of the area. For the sake of having a productive discussion, two Initiative documents – one from each side have been presented. The university's top management, Directors, Deans, Researchers, and Department heads of the university have participated in the event.


 At the signing ceremony, Vice president for Academic Affairs, Dr. Tsegaye Deyou, in his welcoming speech mentioned the areas that the two institutions can do in collaboration. He also appreciated and welcomed the initiatives presented on both sides as an encouraging area of partnership and collaboration. Moreover, Dr. Eshetu Wondimu, Vice president for Research and Community Service, added that the university has been engaged in several project initiatives that could be linked with tourism development. He also mentioned some of the activities conducted by the university. On top of this, Dr. Tsegaye and Dr. Eshetu mentioned that the two institutions can work on diversified tourism development projects and exploit the unexploited tourism wealth of the area by engaging the local communities.


The Deputy Commissioner of Oromia Tourism Commission, Obbo Nega Wedajo introduced the major activities of OTC that have been conducted since its establishment. As he mentioned, even though it is in an infant stage, OTC has been working towards the identification of destinations, promotions, and marketing Tourist attraction sites through establishing a partnership with stakeholders. As Nega said today’s MoU is also considered prototypical for this kind of initiative. Despite the fact; the Salale area is well known for its milk as well as its wealth of tourism attractions, said Nega, the resources and potentials have not been well recognized nor are documented. Hence; more focus is needed to turn all the resources, and potentials into opportunities to substantiate the economy of unemployed youths and women in the area.

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