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The Two days Entrepreneurship Training was organized by Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation Center Directorate, and it was provided by the university lecturers who had previously received ETW (Entrepreneurship Training Workshop).

A total of 50 SMEs working on both campuses of the University (General Tadesse Biru Main Campus and Honorary Doctor Abbebech Gobena Campus) participated in the training.

According to Wro. Meseret Melaku, Entrepreneurship, and Business Incubation Center Directorate Director, the training was aimed at stimulating the SMEs (Small-to-Midsize enterprises) working on the campus to think about entrepreneurship and motivating them to consider starting their own business. She also said that this training encourages the trainees to think about self–employment and enterprise creation as a career choice by using the opportunity and resources around their environment. Furthermore, she stressed that the trainees should put the lessons learned from the training into practice.

The participants of the training gave their opinion by emphasizing the role of such training in helping them to translate their innovative ideas and skills into viable businesses thereby fostering self-employment and entrepreneurship, and they requested the University to continue organizing such valuable pieces of training.

During the training, it has been evident that the pre-conditions have also been arranged for the trainees to work closely with Siinqee Bank. Finally, the certificate of participation is provided for the attendees who have successfully participated in the training.

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