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Salale University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Netherlands Senior Experts (PUM) to work together on various issues. Consequently, the senior professionals and experts from the institution provided training to enable participants to understand how an organization or an individual supports

the growth and establishment of a startup business.

Salale University's top management, academic staff who took entrepreneurship training workshops (ETW), and students with innovative business ideas attended the training.

Ato Tolosa Dadi, the Vice President for Business and Plan, about the training, said that the Business Incubation Center was established at our University to incorporate the innovative capacity of the University community in the business sector. This center has been providing various pieces of training to academic staff and students on innovative business ideas and other issues. On top of this, Ato Tolosa clarified that the center has functioned like a ‘Business Laboratory' in which various ideas of business are incubated. As he further stated, this training is also designed to increase the awareness of the trainees on how the incubated business ideas are put into practice.

W/ro Meseret Melaku, The Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation Centre Directorate Director, remarked that this training capacitates the trainees on how to build a successful business plan to manage and assess their business incubation.

After the training, participants said they gained a variety of insights and requested that such training be provided regularly. Finally, the expert from PUM then addressed the participants' suggestions and questions.

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