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The six-day workshop was organized by Salale University in collaboration with the Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI) of Ethiopia.

In her opening remarks, Meseret Melaku, Director of the Directorate of Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation Center, highlighted the significance of the workshop in enhancing Salale University's entrepreneurial capacity and fostering stronger collaboration with its partners.

The training focused on practical skills, including market analysis, market segmentation, and strategic planning to identify optimal business markets. Trainees were also tasked with delivering entrepreneurship training workshops to various beneficiaries, including enterprise owners.

In his closing remarks, Dr. Tsegaye Deyou, Vice President of Academic Research and Community Service, emphasized the vital role of entrepreneurship in imparting essential business principles and strategies. He stressed its ability to equip individuals with the necessary tools for success, including the development of robust business plans and financial management skills. Additionally, entrepreneurship fosters leadership abilities and hones skills such as effective communication and negotiation, crucial for navigating diverse business environments.

The workshop was attended by 11 academic staff members and 19 administrative staff members from Salale University. The trainees were presented with certificates of recognition by EDI of Ethiopia.