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Who's Online

We have 80 guests and no members online

Editorial teams


Advisory Board

Name                                                              Faculty                       Affiliated Institution

  1. Mengistu Katema, PhD- Professor Economics      Ethiopian Economic Association
  2. Manjit Singh, PhD- Professor Management    Punjabi University, Patiala
  3. Abera Senbeta, PhD- Asso. Prof. Economics       Commonwealth University of PA
  4. Abiot Tessema, PhD- Asso. Prof. Accounting     Zayed University
  5. Chalchisa Amentie, PhD- Asso. Prof. Management   Ethiopian Civil Service University
  6. Dereje Regasa, PhD- Asso. Prof. Accounting & Fin.            University of Manchester      
  7. Getie Andualem, PhD- Asso. Prof. Marketing Mgmt         Addis Ababa University
  8. Gashaw Tibebe, PhD- Assis. Prof. Marketing Mgmt Ethiopian Civil Service University
  9. Kassegn Berhanu, PhD- Assis. Prof. Tourism & HM           Debre Berhan University
  10. Sintayehu Aynalem, PhD- Assis. Prof. Tourism Mgmt            Madda Walabu University
  11. Belay Kasaye, Assis. Prof. Economics                   Salale University


Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief                                                          Academics Editors

Teferi Deyou, PhD- Assoc. Prof.                               1. Haile Girma, Assis. Prof.

Managing Editor                                                      3.

Natnael Salfore, PhD- Assis. Prof.                             4.

Language Editor

To be assigned

Visitors Counter



Oromia Health Bureau

Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute

Oromo Research and Cultural  Development Center Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority Books for Africa




The University of Kansas

Southern Medical University

Vellore Institute of Technology University of Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia Saharsa Crop Science



Catholic Relief Service

Jiangsu University

Nelson Mandela University Netherlands Senior Experts Group Lebniz University



Indiana State University –USA

Ohio State University -USA

Geological Survey of Ethiopia National Animal Health Diagnostic and Investigation Center Entrepreneurship Development Center




STEM Power Ethiopia

Livestock Development Institute

Salale Development Group Initiative Environment and Coffee Forest Forum Federal Forest Development Institute