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Short Profile of College of Business and Economics

College of Business and Economics is one of the colleges of Salale University which launched in 2015 with 249 students (116 regular and 133 continuing students), and by 12 Academics staffs under three undergraduate programs, namely Accounting and Finance, Economics, and Management in both regular and continuing programs. The College has also launched BA in Marketing Management in 2018; BA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and BA in Tourism and Hotel Management in 2021. College of Business and Economics has also launched three Masters' programs in 2020, namely MSc in Accounting and Finance, MSc in Development Economics, and Masters of Business Administration. Besides, in 2021 MSc in  Finance and Investment, MSc in Economic policy Analysis, MSc in Natural Resource and Environmental Economics, and MSc in Project Management are launched in the college.

The College of Business and Economics having passed through a series of stages of development and challenges has now become one of the prominent colleges in Salale University. The College is working very hard towards the improvement of the quality of education and has been progressively expanding its scope. It constantly pursues the standard of excellence in teaching, science, research, and community services by working alone and in collaboration with its stakeholders to remain responsive to the ever-changing needs of society and nations. It is also taking a proactive role in the well-being of the surrounding community through providing continuing education opportunities for those who don’t get a chance to enroll in the regular program. The college has three mandates:

  • To produce competent, qualified and innovative citizens at all levels through Regular, Continuing and Distance Education modes;
  • Undertake problem-solving research to achieve the national goals, and improve the livelihood of the society through technology transfer activities;
  • To provide various community-based services to fulfill the gaps that are found in the society;

The college has established the Training, Consultancy and Research Center (TCRC) in 2021 which aimed to offer consultancy and short-term training and conduct applied research to the society,  governmental and non-governmental organizations that help to achieve their final goals.

College of Business and Economics is working very hard towards the improvement of the quality of education and producing ethical, competent, well-equipped, and highly qualified professionals. It is taking a proactive role in the well-being of our community through undertaking research, offering community service, and providing continuing education opportunities. As far as tourism is one of our university’s centers of excellence, the college is working by strong commitments and initiatives to develop and promote the tourism industry in Salale in particular, and in the country in general.

Currently, the college has 1033 students, of which 306 students are enrolled in the postgraduate program. It is also the home of 80 staffs, of which 60 academic staffs are on the duty, 10 academic staffs on study leave, and 6 are Administrative supportive staffs. The College contains Nine offices: Dean's office, Vice Dean office, Research and Community Service Coordinator office, Registrar coordinator Office, Continuing and Distance Education Program Coordinator office, Accounting and Finance Department office, Economics department office, Logistic and Supply Chain Management office, Management department office, Marketing Management Department Office, Tourism and Hotel Management office. The College is governed by the Academic Commission and Dean.

Since its launch,  College of Business and Economics has:

  • Improved quality of education assessment, evaluation, and intervention,
  • Increased education accessibility through expanding the center of education
  • Produced and graduated competent and qualified professional manpower,
  • Launched nationally demanded masters programs,
  • Established a multi-purpose computer lab.
  • Applied Research outputs in the area of Business and Economics.
  • Actively engaged in and delivered various community services to the community
  • founded the Training, Consultancy and Research Center
  • Collaborated with key stakeholders

BA Programs in the College:

  1. BA Degree in Accounting and Finance (Regular, Evening and Weekend)
  2. BA Degree in Economics (Regular, Evening and Weekend)
  3. BA Degree in Logistic and Supply Chain Management (Regular)
  4. BA Degree in Management (Regular, Evening)
  5. BA Degree in Marketing Management (Regular)
  6. Tourism and Hotel Management (Regular)

MSc  programs in the College:

  1. MSc in Accounting and Finance
  2. MSc in Finance and Investment
  3. MSc in Economics (Specialization: Development Economics, Economic Policy Analysis, and Natural Resource and Environmental Economics
  4. Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
  5. MSc in Project Management


    • Mission

The College of Business and Economics share and work to contribute its role to the mission of Salale University. Therefore, College’s mission is to produce competent and innovative graduates in the Business and Economics fields of study; conduct Business and Economics Research, transfer technologies; and provide demand-driven community services.

  • Vision

The vision of the College of Business and Economics is derived from the vision of the University. Therefore, the vision of the College is to be a leading College from the colleges in the comprehensive university in the country by 2030.

  • Core values
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Diversity
  • Collaborative/Team Spirit
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Centre of Excellence

College of Business and Economics is striving to excel in Tourism and Hospitality, Efficient Resource utilization, and Supply chain Management.

  • Motto

Share university Moto (Cocreating quality)

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