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   Overview of the department

Department of medicine, SLU established in 2020/21 to offer a professional training in medicine through quality and well standardized curricula, learning and teaching processes by an effective and efficient utilization of resources.


The mission of the department of medicine is to produce a competent, knowledgeable and skilled man power in the field of medicine as well as to promote excellence in the production, growth and dissemination of advanced scientific knowledge through teaching and research that primarily focuses on technology transfer


To be one of the best medical schools in the country with in ten years.


Currently the department of medicine, SLU offers only undergraduate program/regular for generic medicine students with title of medical doctor, M.D

The department mainly utilize the salale university specialized comprehensive hospital for teaching and learning together with other affiliated hospitals, to give specialized quality health care, education and research.


The department of medicine, SLU is composed of professional from different disciplines

Currently the department has:

A total of 46 staff members ((37 males and 9 females ), (of which 28 are medical doctors which includes general practitioners, specialists and subspecialists, 17 biomedical instructors of different disciplines, and one technical assistant))

  • From the 28 medical doctors ( 21 males and 7 females), 5 on education and 23 on job at Salale university Fitche specialized comprehensive hospital as follows:
  1. One Sub-specialist/cardiologist(male) with an academic rank of assistant professor
  2. One specialist/general surgeon with speciality certificate in general surgery on education for sub speciality in cardiothoracic surgery
  3. Eleven Specialists with an academic rank of assistant professor:

- 4 Internists (male) with speciality certificate in internal medicine

- 3 General Surgeons (male) with speciality certificate in general surgery

- 1 Orthopadeic Surgeon(male) with speciality certificate in orthopaedics and trauma     surgery

- 3 Pediatricians(2 male and 1 female) with speciality certificate in paediatrics and child health.

  1. Four (three male and one female) general practitioners on education for speciality training in different disciplines
  2. Eleven(seven male and four females) general practitioners with an academic rank of lecturer
  • A total of seventeen biomedical instructors (fifteen male and two females), ( four on education and thirteen on job) and one technical assistant as follows:
  1. Thirteen instructors of biomedical sciences:
  • Three anatomists (male) with an academic rank of lecturer
  • Two physiologists (male) with an academic rank of lecturer
  • Two biochemists (male) with an academic rank of lecturer
  • Five instructors of clinical pharmacy:- one assistant professor(male) and four assistant lecturers(three males and one female).
  • One instructor of anesthesia (female) with an academic rank of lecturer
  1. Four (male ) biomedical instructors on education in masters program for clinical pharmacy in different disciplines
  • One technical assistant (male)


Research and community service

The members of the staff are actively participating in research and community services besides the teaching learning activity, to achieve the mission and vision of the university.

The community services are being done as both independently planned as well as, as part of research and teaching programs such as those done by students during community based attachments which include health education, health promotion and medical services.


The department has organized a well standardized central skill lab for practical education and Anatomy laboratory/dissection room, and on process for establishment of a standardized laboratories of physiology, biochemistry, histology, pathology and pharmacology.


Dr. Gebeyehu Tulu Tefera

Head, department of Medicine

Cell phone: +251944297242, +251912211732

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Salale University, Fitche, Ethiopia.

Office: Abebech Gobena Campus



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