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By 2025, SLU- Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation Centre will become a center of excellence known for its high standard entrepreneurship development education, research, and outreach services in Ethiopia. 

Mission of SLU-EBIC

The Mission of SLU-EBIC is to help students, staff and the broader society by developing an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset thereby building their capacity to start, manage, diversify & expand business set ups through Entrepreneurial education, research & consultancy services so as to contribute to the advancement of economic development & social welfare of Ethiopia

Objectives of SLU-EBIC

  • To develop entrepreneurial spirit among students of SLU as well the community at large.
  • To initiate new business startups of students, staff members, and the surrounding community.
  • To facilitate easy access to start-up capital for startups by preparing them for attracting investments and linking them with investors.
  • To encourage local entrepreneurs to expand internationally and develop new markets by providing market know-how and expanding their networks.
  • To promote entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial experiences by synergizing efforts with key entrepreneurial stakeholders.
  • To provide students and actual entrepreneurs and their executive teams the know-how and networks they need to establish/accelerate the growth of their businesses and to promote an entrepreneurial culture in the broader Ethiopian society.
  • To inculcate knowledge, skills & attitude necessary for becoming a successful entrepreneur among the students and staff of Salale University
  • To provide the necessary logistics for entrepreneurial training projects for students & staff of SLU
  • To inspire & equip local entrepreneurs with the knowledge & skills needed to take their businesses to the next (growth) level through personal and professional development.

Major Roles and Responsibility

  • Develop and implement strategic plan. Policy ,operational plan and different working manuals to the center
  • Facilitate and provide high quality and in-depth training and consulting to those small business and entrepreneurs that are  in both pre-venture phase and those already in business.
  • Ensures the success of the university’s commitment to supporting economic development of the country by facilitating entrepreneurship and small business development
  • Oversees the day to day operation of the business incubator facilities
  • Work with community stake holders and advances community partnerships on behave of the University so as to stimulate economic development in the country
  • Evaluate and seeks potential funding sources through program revenue, grants, donors, etc
  • Develop and maintain a client database, prepares periodic report, and maintains records of projects, progress, and the status of the center.
  • Conducts different work shops
  • Manages funds by planning and developing the incubator budget


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