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The study of history and heritage management distinctive combination of theoretical and vocational studies provides students with a pathway to careers in the heritage sector, enabled always to have the ahistorical perspective that allows people to make sense of today’s rapidly changing world. Understanding the past enhances our capacity to imagine the future. The discipline also sharpens our research and writing skills and hones our ability to think both critically and imaginatively.

The department of History and Heritage Management is one of the earliest departments established in Salale University in 2010 EC. It started with four instructors, twenty-eight students, and other necessary recourses. It mission focused on giving qualified education in order to produce innovative and competitive citizens, conducting basic and problem-solving research as well as delivering community service.

The department started with a three-year BA Program that deals with A History of Ethiopia and the Horn to 1900, Major Themes in the History of Ethiopia and the Horn, A History of Africa, Global History and Heritage management. Currently, we are giving a four-year BA Program. 

 History and Heritage Management opened an MA Program (2014).

Program Mission

 History and Heritage Management is designed to produce graduates who have a sound knowledge of history in general and an appreciation of Multi-cultureless and regional history in particular. The degree is designed to prepare graduates for employment in fields requiring a firm foundation in interpretive, analytical, research, and communication skills.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the B.A. in History and Heritage Management program, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a broad knowledge of History and Heritage Management and its role in Society
  • Acquire a breadth of historical knowledge across a range of periods and regions and to Encourage consideration of links and comparisons between them
  • Promote depth of understanding of historical concepts such as change and continuity, causation and motivation, as well as period-specific concepts such as nationalism, revolution and colonization
  • Develop understanding of historical sources and the methods used by historians
  • Be critical, reflective and independent, able to interpret and evaluate historical source Material and offer substantiated explanations to historical questions.


Admission Requirements

As per the criteria of MoE;

 Social Sciences background preferable

 An experience of teaching in history, but not mandatory;

 Transfer from other universities will take the following points into account, “F” free in all

Subjects; CGPA 2.00

 Readmission as per Senate Legislation.

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