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Deliverology Unit

Deliverology is a system for maximizing the chances of     success. It is a system designed to deliver results by targeting on few  core strategic goals whose success would  ensure major progress and change. Ethiopia has adapted the system in to some of its public institutions ,universities including since 2017.  Since delivery system requires the commitment and coordinated effort of  every one, it entails the establishment of a unit in all  public universities of Ethiopia.

Salale university, set up Deliverology unit in 2018. It is composed of three  sub unites-HDP(Higher Diploma Program), Career Service and ELIP( English Language Improvement Program) .


Ensuring the success of  those jointly  selected priority areas (goals) of  MOE and the University  through  support and follow up , advising, conducting survey and introducing new means of doing things.


To be better in producing preferred graduates in the market than other  universities in the country by 2012


Even though its prime goal is to ensure the employability of  graduates it has the following objectives : to improve the learning success of students, to improve  students’ English language skill, to improve teachers’ performance evaluation, to improve teachers’ pedagogical and  English language skill, to develop University and Industry linkage, to expand the internship programs that enhance students’ skills and  to improve the usage and practice of  quality information for planning and  implementation, follow up and monitoring.

In 2011 academic year , unit has trained graduating students  on soft skills ,i.e. communication, confidence , CV writing, and on different online job hunting skills. Besides it tries to work on improving the communication skills of students by encouraging them to participate in different clubs. As part of improving teachers’ pedagogical and English language skills, the unit has provided Higher Diploma training for 58 instructors and English language improvement training for 15 instructors. To increase the employability of graduates it invites about 24 companies to attend the job fair which aims to bring together graduates and their employers.







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