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Community Service/Engagement Directorate is one of the Directorates under Research and Community Service Vice President, Salale University (SlU). It is engaged in coordinating, supervising, training, consultancy services and offering relevant, accessible community based services and community project development. It also provides demand-driven and meaningful community service via staff engagement in collaboration with various government sectors, business organizations and social institutions. The office is headed by the Director. There are also five Research and community service coordination offices under five Colleges.

Mission and Vision of Salale University


  • The mission of Salale University is to produce competent and innovator graduates in diverse fields of study; conduct problem solving researches, and transfer technologies; and provide demand-driven community services.


  • Salale University aspires to be a leading comprehensive university in the country by 2030.

Mission and Vision of Community Service Directorate


  • Providing relevant, demand-driven and accessible community based services


  • To be center of excellence in providing community engagement by 2030


  • Improve the livelihoods of the community by training competent and responsive professionals who can address the community’s problems through innovation
  • Promote scientific knowledge and societal development by providing community based services
  • Strengthen partnerships and linkages with local, national and international institutions for the purpose of providing quality and relevant education, community services
  • Recognize sound organizations and management systems for the accomplishment of its objectives through capacity building


  • Coordinate, facilitate and guide community service teams in different areas/themes develop community service projects so as to secure funds from external and foreign;
  • Initiates that all academic staffs to participate in community services in various professional and technical areas with quality based on the priority needs identified
  • Deliver training and consultancy services to various stakeholders in the areas of their needs and requests
  • Facilitate participating departments and colleges involved external partners benefit from financial rewards, recognition, experience sharing and lessons;
  • Ensure that University benefit financially from training and consultancy services provided to various organizations and communities;
  • Promote, support and facilitate ‘staff and student’ engagements in community development activities through community development centered curriculum designing for training, bulletins and mass media;
  • Sets a reward mechanism and recognition to outstanding and creative performance of academic staffs as the community service team;
  • Ensure that the establishment and execution of a transparent system of Community service fund management;
  • Guide and facilitate organization and documentation of knowledge and innovations generated and developed by each department/program for dissemination and application by target communities; and
  • Guide and support colleges in their effort to facilitate delivery of outreach and community engagement services in the areas of excellence of the department.


  • Model Community School Project at Fitche town

  • STEM Center Project at Salale University

  • Coffee Nursery Project at Hidhabu Abote District

Model Dairy Farms

  • Introduction, Evaluation, Identification and Transfer of Improved Potato Varieties to Jobless Rural Youths in North Shewa Zone (Salale), Ethiopia

  • Improved Teff Varieties Multiplication Project

Improved Food and Matt Barely Varieties Multiplication Project

Lowland Bamboo Project at Warra Jarso District

  • Tree Nursery Project at Kuyu District

  • Botanical Garden Project

Vermi and Condensational Compost Technology Project

  • Model Urban Vegetable Nursery Project
  • COVID-19 Testing Center

  • Restoration of Gada System in Salale Areas

  • Free Legal Service Project
  • Indigenous Conflict Resolution
  • Annual Horse Racing Ceremony undertaken every year in Wuchale District

  • Free Scholarship
  • Training and Consultancy Service
  • Community Outreach Project
  • Integrated Online Tourist Certification and Marketing Project
  • Supporting need based materials such as medical supplies, drugs and different reference materials

  • Blood Donation Program

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