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 Background of Management Department 
Department of Management, under college of Business and Economics, was established in 2016/17 academic year. Currently, the department had total number of students of UG 210 of which 78 students are UG regular students, and 132 students are UG evening students. Moreover, the department had 186 total number of Masters Degree students of which 51 are a regular students and 135 are weekend students. In line with the policy of the government, the department produces graduates who are well equipped with business knowledge and skill to play enormous role in the development of the country. Management is a crucial element in economic growth of a country. It brings together the factors of production: money, machinery, men, methods, markets and material to enable the country to experience economic development. A country with enough capital, manpower and other natural resources can still be poor if it does not have competent managers to combine and coordinate the resources. In light of this, the department has been/and is working with more positive objectives that are directed towards development. More specifically, the objectives of the department can be stated as follows:

  • To produce skilled managers who possess professional knowledge and skill to work in the dynamic environment and hence, satisfy managerial needs of organizations.
  • To provide short-term training and continuing education in the areas of management or other areas of specialization in management.
  • To provide consultancy services to business organizations, non-business organizations and the community at large.
  • To conduct applied research that will help to solve business, organizational and managerial problems.
  • To keep motivated staff in all academic, research and professional consultancy areas.
  • To alleviate the greater shortage of professional managers in the country by increasing the number of graduates with a good academic, behavioural and practical competence.

Generally, the department tries to meet the above-mentioned objectives by working hand-in-hand with other higher educational institutions, business and non-business organizations, the government, and the society. In the future, the department plans to embark on sustainable academic staff development and strengthening of its capacity so as to launch new postgraduate programs as well as specialized streams on a demand driven basis.

Vision of the Department
To be a ranked department that produces exceptional business leaders and entrepreneurs that fit international labour market.

Mission of the Department
The department of management is committed to promoting the advancement of knowledge through teaching, research and community services in the area of management. 
This mission helps the department to produce students that are creative, productive, socially and economically responsible, accountable, and committed to solve socio-economic problems. 

Currently, the department offer training in:


Staff Profile with their respective Specialization

  1. Didha Bacha (PhD in Management)
  2. Venkatesh Andavara (PhD in Management)
  3. Thomas Haile (Assistant Professor of Management)
  4. Biniyam Gizaw (MA in Logistics and supply Chain Management)
  5. Seada Tilahun (MA in Business Administration)
  6. Tilahun Gesesse (MA in Human Resource Management)
  7. Tolosa Dadi (MA in Public Management and Policy)
  8. Tariku Firew (MA in Public Management)
  9. kalkidan Wube (MA in Logistics and supply Chain Management)
  10. Abeba Takele (MA in Logistics and supply Chain Management)
  11. Muluwerk Wuletaw (MA in Logistics and supply Chain Management)
  12. Dereje Mulata (MA in Business Administration)
  13. Yonata Yilma (MA in Business Administration)
  14. Natnael Salfore (MA in Business Administration)
  15. Moti Tafa (MA in Business Administration)
  16. Meseret Melaku (MA in Business Administration)
  17. Alemayehu Workineh (MA in Business Administration)
  18. Aster Teshome (MA in Business Administration)
  19. Atnafu Ashenafi (BA in Management)
  20. Sisay Tadesse (BA in Management)


Research areas

  • Human resource Capacity building
  • Business plan development
  • Business growth and transition
  • Business idea development
  • Quality of Service delivery
  • Access to finance of MSEs
  • Policy development for public sectors
  • Bureaucracy problems
  • Supply chain management
  • Market legality
  • Organizational promotion
  • Resource utilizations
  • Public private partnership activities
  • Unemployment problems
  • Inconsistency of leaders
  • Organizational structure
  • Creating conducive working environment
  • Effectiveness of Project implementation
  • Lack of entrepreneurial attitudes


Name: Thomas Haile Mekonnen (Asst. Professor)

Phone Number: +251912888451

 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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